Best Wattpad Books for Beginners

Read Wattpad books #Drink coffee #Be happy:)

Book Tales


Used to wonder “Why do people read books and novels?”. Tell friends watching a movie is better than sitting in the corner reading a rom-com and laughing like a maniac. But now can’t think about spending leisure time without a book and its partner in crime coffee, all credits go to my dear friend who made me read a book which embarked on my journey in reading hundreds of books now. It started as a challenge and ended as a passion. Good for her she won the challenge and for me, I found a safe haven.

It all started with Wattpad, it has so many amazing books and authors. So here it is the list of our all-time favorite WATTPAD BOOKS that made our heartbeat rise.

If you have not read any Wattpad books before and thinking of starting, then the below list of books is the one for you.

  • It’s an Accident by chocolatyangels
  • The Bad boy and the Tomboy by nikki20038
  • In 27 days by HonorInTheRain
  • The Quirky Tales of April Hale by demonicblackcat
  • I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls…Pitiful I know by DarknessAndLight
  • After by imaginator1D
  • La Traviesa Senora Maxfield by ninyatippett
  • That Bad boy in glasses by mikaelanay
  • Stone Cold by CherryBerry63
  • Lupus Deus by xxSkemoxx183

Doneee!!!!After a lot of yes and disappointed no, we finally decided on the list. Our list does not end here, we have a lot of books waiting to be added on the list, but unfortunately, 10 seems to be our lucky number and we don’t want to test our luck. So there might be another list coming soon… so watch out for them.

Also, if you guys have any stories or reasons that made you the reader that you are now, then you guys are welcome to share it with us. You can contact us through facebook and instagram. You can suggest us book so we could add it to our list.

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