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Favorite Fictional Characters of all time

Here is the list of our favorite fictional characters of all time.These characters had made us fall in love with them.There were times when i hoped for them to really exist .

Hermione Granger

I don’t think she would need an introduction. She is the quick-witted,strong minded and most sensible person among the famous trio of the Harry Potter series. Despite being the muggle born she had shown the impressive amount of knowledge about the Hogwarts and magic. She is strong,loyal and a determined person. She was always there for Harry and Ron whenever they faced trouble and had their back. She was the brightest witch for her age. When my friend asked me, Who would you pick Harry or Hermoine? ,initially I was confused didn’t know whom to choose but for the reasons above and more I chose her. She is one of the most brilliant character ever made. Hermione Granger will always be the best female character of all time.

Chandler Bing

You can call him Chandler Bing or The King of Sarcasam. He is best at his sarcastic and witty comebacks at perfect timings. He helped and supported his friend and roommate Joey,who struggled financially till end of the series.He had come over his fear of commitment and became the best boyfriend and later the husband for Monica.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a great detective this world would ever have. I think no one will contradict that statement. He is a sharp and an intelligent person. He has good observation skills and a strong sense of justice. He was confident in his skills and abilities. He is not only good at solving mysteries but skilled in using weapons and a talented boxer.


Joker is a complicated character. He is unpredictable,intelligent and most enduring character. Of all the villains in history, he is the one who doesn’t have any motives behind his lunatic acts. Every villain has a reason but he doesn’t. He sees the world as one cruel joke and does whatever amuses him. He tries to prove anyone can become like him after one bad day. He want others to view the world as he does. No one can deny the fact that he is the most lovable villain of the fiction world.


He is my favourite fictional super hero,the man who has ability to cling to wall. I think he is the only relatable superhero,without his masks and costumes he is a normal teenager with problems and issues. He always tries to save lives and pretty much blame himself if he fails to do so, but yet he never gives up he drives himself to help and save others. Spiderman also teaches us to never,ever quit.

Black Panther

Have you heard about Wakanda and it’s technologies with hell of vibranium or the hot, drool worthy black panther…I’m sure u have heard a lot about the later. This movie has created a huge impact on the real world that no there Marvel movie had done. Their advanced technology and the vibe we get when there is a fighting scene on screen had always made us to sit at the edge of our seats and waiting for their next move. No matter how many times you have watched the movie,it would be like the first time .


Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the world’s well know fictional character.We all love Mickey mouse irrespective of our age, we might have grown out of our Barbie phase or super man phase but not the Mickey mouse. It is iconic with its happy face always smiling and adorable sense of style.He is the symbol of our childhood,the simple,carefree and happy days.

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow and his Black Pearl has created an unforgettable memory in our minds. Being the charmer, he is one of the best trickster that the world had ever known. He is shrewd,calculating and eccentric. He ends most of the disputes through negotiation while winning the arguments. From trying to learn pirate language to dreaming about being a pirate, he was my captain. To all the fans out there, here is his epic line

“This is the day you will always remember as the day that you almost  caught Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Who is your favorite fictional character?Mention them in the comments.


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