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The Best recent Korean Series that you must watch now


As per request, we finally hit the list with K-dramas. For all those who aren’t watching Korean dramas or k-dramas, then better start watching now if not, you are gonna miss a lot of fun. They are addictive and amazing.These dramas are hell packed block busters with lot of funny and emotional scenes.One moment you will laughing like crazy then the next second you will be weeping.Watching them is like going a ride in an emotional rollercoaster. 


Cast : Lee Min-Ho , Kim Go-Eun

No. of . episodes : 16

Release Date : April 17 2020 – June 12 2020 (completed)

Synopsis : Lee Gon is the third Korean emperor of his generation. His citizens regard him as the perfect leader. But behind this flawless appearance, hides a deep wound. When he was eight years old, his father was murdered before his eyes following a coup. Today, instead of respecting his filial duty, he prefers to escape the palace to attend university conferences. During one of his escapades, he sees himself propelled into a parallel world where he meets Jung Tae Eul, an inspector with whom he teams up with to defeat the criminals but also close the door between their two worlds.


Cast : Hyun Bin , Son Ye Jin

No. of . episodes : 16

Release Date : Dec 14, 2019 – Feb 16, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : Tells the story of two star crossed lovers, a South Korean heiress and a North Korean elite who also happens to be an army officer. One day, while paragliding, Yoon Se Ri has an accident caused by strong winds, leading her to crash land in North Korea, where she meets Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean army officer, who agrees to help her return to South Korea. Over time, they fall in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries.


Cast : Jo Jun Suk , Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, Jeon Mi Do

No. of . episodes : 12

Release Date : Mar 12, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis: A drama depicting the stories of people going through their days that are seemingly ordinary but actually special, at the hospital, a place known as the microcosm of life – where someone is being born and someone’s life meets their ending. The five doctors are long time friends of 20 years who started their undergrad in 1999 in the same medical school, and now they are colleagues in the same hospital. The drama will also deal with a story of a band formed by the group of doctors.


Cast : Kim Dong Hee, Park Joo Hyun, Jung Da Bin, Nam Yoo Soo

No. of . episodes : 10

Release Date : Apr 29, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : “Extracurricular” is centered around three high school students who start committing crimes to earn money and the unpredictable dangers they face as a result. Kim Dong Hee will portray Ji Soo, who goes from a model student to a criminal after committing an unthinkable act. Jung Da Bin as school bully Min Hee, who gets caught up in Ji Soo’s crime. Park Joo Hyun will portray Ji Soo’s dangerous partner in crime Gyu Ri, while Nam Yoon Soo will appear as Min Hee’s boyfriend and the school’s most popular guy Ki Tae.


Cast : Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye.

No. of . episodes : 16

Release Date : Dec 1, 2018 – Jan 20, 2019 ( completed)

Synopsis: Memories of the Alhambra tells the unique and suspenseful love story of Yoo Jin Woo and Jung Hee Joo. Strong spirited Yoo Jin Woo is the CEO of an investment company with a degree in engineering and a knack for developing video games. He has an adventurous and competitive spirit. Suffering after his best friend betrays him, he takes a business trip to Granada, Spain in search of the mysterious inventor of an innovative augmented-reality video game. He ends up at a hostel that Jung Hee Joo owns. Hee Joo is a former classical guitarist who came to Spain to further her studies. After the death of her parents, she takes on various jobs to support herself, including running the old hostel . They are both drawn into a series of strange and unexpected events.


Cast : Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy

No. of . episodes : 16

Release Date : Sep 20, 2019 – Nov 23, 2019 ( completed)

Synopsis: Cha Dal Gun becomes an awakened tiger in the face of his nephew’s death in a mysterious plane crash. As an orphan himself, he had raised his nephew singlehandedly in place of his brother who had passed on. Triggered by the large-scale cover-up of the incident, he sets off on a journey to discover the truth. Go Hae Ri is the eldest daughter of a marine who had died during an operation. She has always wanted to be a normal civil servant to support her family, but life had other plans and she ends up as a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. Their lives intertwine as they discover a tangled web of corruption behind the plane crash.


Cast : Kim Tae Hee, Lee Kyu Hyung

No. of . episodes : 16

Release Date : Feb 22, 2020 – Apr 19, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : It’s the story of a mother who died and begins a 49-day long project of reincarnation, and a husband who has barely begun to live a new life after overcoming the pain of losing his wife. Jo Kang Hwa is a skilled thoracic surgeon. After losing his wife four years ago, he had been working as a single father until he got married again two years ago. While he seems like a caring person, he does not offer a hand nor intervene when needed.


Cast : Joo Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae DooNa, Kim Sung Kyu.

No. of . episodes : 6

Release Date : March 13, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : After discovering that the sun was not the cause of the undead immobility, and instead it was the heat, waves of the undead become active due to the start of the winter season and threaten to reach the capital. In an attempt to save the people during the plague and regain his right to the throne, Crown Prince Lee Chang pursues Jo Hak Joo to overthrow him, while the Queen is in a race against time to produce an heir to the throne.


Cast : Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Ha Na, Kim Sung Kyu

No. of . episodes : 12

Release Date : Mar 23, 2020 – Apr 28, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : A drama-romance between Moon Ha-won and Han Seo-woo . Moon Ha-won is an AI programmer and he is the founder of AH Company. He is a consistent person with a good heart. Meanwhile, Han Seo-woo works as a classical music recording engineer. Her life is unstable without a family or house, but she is a positive person.


Cast : Kim Hae Ae, Park Hae Joon

No. of . episodes : 16 + 2 Special Episode

Release Date : Mar 27, 2020 – May 16, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : Ji Sun Woo is a family doctor and is married to Lee Tae Oh, with whom she shares a teenaged son. Lee Tae Oh, with the financial support of his wife, has established an entertainment company and dreams of becoming a famous director. They seem to have everything; successful careers and happy family life. But that perfect image will soon be shattered when one spouse betrays the other, and those that serve to protect them.


Cast : Kim Seo Hyung, Ryu Deok Hwan, Park Hoon, Ahn Ji Ho.

No. of . episodes : 16

Release Date : March 2, 2020 – April 21, 2020 ( completed)

Synopsis : Cha Young-Jin is a detective. She lost her friend 19 years ago to a serial killer. Cha Young-Jin still carries guilt and trauma over the death of her friend. The serial killer case then begins again after 19 years. Cha Young-Jin chases after the killer.

So this is the end of our huge list… This took us hours to prepare, you guys give it a try and comment which one is your favorite . The list above includes genres like romance , thriller and much more… So try it out.


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