Culture and Traditions

Reasons behind Indian Traditions And Cultures.

India is a well known country for its unique traditions and cultures.It is the land of various culture and traditions which are still followed by us.There are certain traditions we have been following since we were kids. But as we started growing up, we didn’t understand why we these traditions are to be followed. Is it because these traditions and culture existed in our land for more than 100 years? or Is there any specific reasons? In this post we are explaining you guys, why our grandparents and parents followed these traditions without any questions and asked us to do the same.


It’s a world wide well know fact that Indian’s style of greeting is Namaste or Vanakam, joining our palms. When you go for your relative’s marriage or any other functions for which you are invited to, you can see your parents and other relatives say Vanakam or Namaste to each other. There is a reason behind this. While joining two palms together, people join the tips of all the fingers together, which further creates pressure on points of ears, eyes, and mind.Also , when we press our hands together, it is said to activate the pressure points in the tips of all our fingers. This helps us remember that person for a long time. In yoga, The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the  heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. Nowadays this also ensures that people do not get germs as they don’t shake hands.Especially during this pandemic period people across the world started following this gesture.


Eating with hands has not only been a part of our culture but is still being practiced by many across the country. Many people might say using hands to eat is not hygienic but its not true, we wash our hands often in a day but we can not say the same for utensils. Eating with your hands helps increase blood circulation and also helps in managing your food portions. Using hands for eating is healthy for your gut, as the good bacteria on your hands gets into your tummy and help to fight bad bacteria. Eating with hands also helps in forming a connection with food, which makes food seem tastier.


touching feet of elders

When we meet our elders or during any special occasions like marriages or birthdays we touch their feet as a form of respect, and also to receive their blessings. There is a scientific reason behind this is.The nerves in the human body, starts from our brain, spread all over our body and end at our fingertips and toes. When you touch the feet of elderly, the fingertips of your hand are joined to the feet of the opposite person, a closed circuit is established between the two immediately and the energies of your bodies are connected – your fingers and hands become the receptor of that energy, while the feet of the elder person become the giver of the energy. When the elder accepts this respect, their heart becomes filled with good thoughts and positive energy, which they give out through their hands and feet they send positive energy, which is transmitted through their hands and toes. So, this increases cosmic energy, creating a connect between the two people.


Normally our parents will not eat meats on certain days in a week.They associate those days with gods and as a form of dedication and respect to them, they would refuse to eat meats on those days.The reason behind this is eating a lot of meat is not good for the body. Excessive meat could cause multiple health problems like inflammation, cancer, heart diseases, and could also lead to diabetes.


According to Indian’s tradition and culture wearing bangles is a must for married women.But the scientific reason behind this is, although women does a lot of household, their physical activity is considered less. This may lead to increase in blood pressure which results in restlessness and impatience. Normally the wrist portion is in constant activation on any human. The bangles used by women are normally in the wrist part of ones hand, so the constant friction increases the blood circulation level.The ring-framed bangles send vitality back to the body.



In all our temples we can see bells hanged. The common belief is to please the god or to let him know the arrival of devotee or drive away evil forces. But the truth is upon ringing the bell, the sound produced lasts for about 5 seconds including the echo. The design & structure of the bell is such that the sound perceived by our ears creates a balance between the left & right parts of the brain. It activates the various healing centres in our body & empties our brain from negative thoughts.



Keeping a bindi is a must for women, there were many instances where i forgot to keep bindi and later got scoldings from my parents. I can say for sure I am not the only one who gets scolding for this. There is a reason for it. Between two eyebrows, behind the forehead is a spot known as the pineal gland which is actually a main nerve point . The slight pressure of the bindi retains the energy at the point & controls various levels of concentration.



Tulasi plant is worshipped by people, they are personified a goddess. In ancient scriptures, the Tulsi is regarded as a gateway between heaven and earth. A holy prayer describes the Tulsi as having the supreme creator Brahma in its branches, the sacred Hindu scripture called the Vedas in its lower branches, all other deities in its stem and the Ganges running through its roots along with the center of all Hindu pilgrimage.  The main reason behind this, tulasi is the only tree which produces oxygen even during night , so in order to preserve this tree possessing unique quality, it was related to religion . Tulsi has got great medicinal properties – it is a remarkable antibiotic, it increases the immunity & prevents insects/mosquitoes from breeding.



Wearing jewelry on functions, weddings and even on a daily basis has been a part of Indian culture since long. While wearing silver jewelry helps boost blood circulation, aiding in cold and flu prevention and wound healing, gold jewelry too has its own set of benefits. Wearing gold regulates body temperature, reduces stress and attracts positive energy.



Many people in India follow the tradition of fasting. While it is said that we fast to pay our respects, it also has a legitimate reason for doing so. By fasting, the body gets the opportunity to cleanse itself from all the toxins it has been storing for a while and also improve overall fitness, support weight loss and decrease the risk of metabolic diseases .

11. PYRE

funeral pyre

A pyre also known as a funeral pyre is a structure, usually made of wood, for burning a body as part of a funeral rite or execution. As a form of cremation, a body is placed upon or under the pyre, which is then set on fire. A Human Being does not always die from old age, he may die due to diseases. If he is burnt, the micro-organisms in his body will die (no pathogen survives at the temperature of fire). Thus burning of a body after a person is dead ensures that you are preventing it from being a source of the spread of any disease. Due to coronavirus, the whole world is following this tradition.


toe ring

Generally wearing silver toe ring is symbol of being married. There is a scientific reason beyond the symbolism. There is a nerve from the second toe which connects the uterus & passes to the heart . Wearing toe-ring strengthens the nerve & regulates the blood flow to it. Also since Silver is a good conductor , it absorbs polar energies from earth & passes it to the body.


Ear piercing might just look like something which is done to enhance our looks but there is much more to it. The concept of early piercing in children ensures proper brain development. Piercing the ear lobe also ensures healthy reproductive organs and the flow of energy will be maintained if one wears earrings.


Sitting down on the floor, with crossed legs helps in improving our digestion process. Place your plate on the ground, and slightly move your body forward to eat and come back to your original position. This repeated action results in triggering of the abdominal muscles, which increases the secretion of stomach acids and allows food to digest faster. Also helps in losing weight, increases blood circulation,improve posture and relaxes your body and mind.

We being teenage people think these are superstitious customs but there is a reason behind every thing. The above mentioned scientific reasons are more than enough to conclude that these are not just some customs and beliefs which are forced upon us instead they help us in becoming a better and healthy person. Do try to make it as a habit, so it would benefit not only you but also your family. Do enjoy the page ❤


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