Best Manga One Should Read


Manga are graphic novels or comics. What I love the most about Manga is , they come with beautiful and cute cartoon drawings which make them more interesting to read. 

They are just like reading a story book, the only difference being that we see the scenes in drawing form rather than imagining them.

The most important thing to remember about manga is there is something for everyone. Whether you like high school romantic comedies or high-fantasy epics, there is a manga for you.

Also, the Manga is not just for kids, whatever your age or the degree of complexity a subject entails, there is a Manga educational book for you.

So, I thought of sharing my most favorite manga or comics I read. The list is full of short and sweet stories with cute and adorable couple…

Here comes the list….

  • Love Like Cherry Blossoms
Love like cherry blossom

Description: The outstanding but timid Layla, who is secretly in love with her senior, happened to meet a boy named Shawn and heard each other’s secrets. In order to protect the secrets, the two reached an agreement and, Shawn begins to help Layla pursue her senior, A sweet campus romance began.

Status: Completed.

  • Hidden-Love-37.5℃
hidden love 37.5 c

Description:  Li Shiyan and Zheng Rixun are best friends since childhood. They live next door, grow up together and now attend the same high school. They almost spend twelve hours a day hanging out together. Gradually both of them harbors a secret crush upon each other, though neither dares to confesses nor make the first move. As a heartthrob in school, Rixun is always badgered by girls wherever he goes, while Shiyan also bumps into guys every now and then, soon some misunderstanding occurs.

Status: Completed.

  • First Crush
first crush

Description: Because of a song, two completely different fates overlap. We always start to think how much we love each other, but gradually, love loses its initial appearance. Could that be possible, most of the time, what we love most is just ourselves?

Status: Completed.

  • Right here waiting
Right here waiting

Description:  Because of having the same names as two stationery brands, Aurora Seasons and Monty Blanc were teased for being a couple in junior high school. After eight years they met each other again in a vet clinic as boss and staff! When the female employee with the heart of glass meets the male boss with the wicked tongue, as well as the rumored partner of the past, how should they behave in this awkward and embarrassing atmosphere?

Status: Completed.

  • Pharaoh’s Concubine
pharaoh's concubine

Description: The mysterious power of a serpentine gold bracelet plunges Ivy, a British girl, into ancient Egyptian space and time. At a banquet she meets the son of Pharaoh Sese, Sese falls in love with the beautiful and intelligent girl, Ivy and wants to make her a concubine!But Ivy ( a.k.a Nefertari in Egypt), is unable to firm her heart and decides to go back to the modern eventually! When the gold bracelet opened space and time again, Ivy found out Sese was the famous Pharaoh Ramses II and history was drastically changed because of her choice….

Status: Completed

  • Minty summer
minty summer

Description: Tracey met her childhood playmate Neil when she was back in town, but what had happened in childhood has made them strangers. All the smiles, pains, secrets and the delicate love that we’ve experienced during adolescence are also happening right in this beautiful small town…

Status: Completed.

  • Stars-crossed Lover
start crossed love

Description: How romantic, meeting his destined lover in travels! In this story, he picks their shells of memory for her in seaside of Sea of Love, sings for her on the top of minaret in the Flower Citt, and shoots the unique starry night with her. They meet, understand and fall for each other. Miraculous travel ends, their love journey starts.

Status : Ongoing.

  • Reborn House of revenge
Reborn house of revenge

Description: At 3, father disappeared. At 15, her hand tendon was cut. At 16, mother died in a planned car accident. At 19, was framed by the uncle. At 22, was stabbed by her own fiance and set on fire by fiance’s girlfriend who is also her best friend. Maybe the heavens felt pity and allowed Lu An to return to her 15 year old life. She kept a low profile in the previous life but ended up with being betrayed miserably; this time she will not show any weakness and make those who harmed her pay with their lives!

Status: Ongoing.

  • One Kiss A Day
one kiss a day

Description: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But to some people, the basic necessity for living on is a kiss a day. What kind of sparks can Maple Xu, someone diagnosed with over sensitivity to the opposite gender’s touch, and an alien who needs one kiss a day to survive on Earth create?

Status: Ongoing

  • I was XXX By My Idol
I was XXX by my idol

Description: Breaking up with boyfriend just because she’s chasing after her idol! How ridiculous… What is more ridiculous is that she finds herself in bed with her dream idol when she wakes up the second day! The most ridiculous thing is that for the sake of her idol’s reputation, they become a fake couple.

Status: Completed

  • 7 years relationship
7 year relationship

Description: After seven years of dating, He’s changed..

Status: Ongoing.

  • Summer Taste
summer tase

Description: Jiang Xue has transferred from school to school ever since she was young, out of specific reasons. This summer, she meets Xia Zhi, our male lead who turns her world upside down. She also meets Shi Haitian who is crazy about her. A story full of youth, dreams and basketball is just about to unfold.

Status: Season 1- completed ; Season 2- Ongoing.

That’s it, we’re done with the list. The manga mentioned are my favorites. Preparing the list makes me want to read it again.

Comment your favorite manga…..


  1. Perfect all are my favs too…add
    The naive mister Lu
    Men’s wear store and her royal highness
    They are amazing amd many more…
    But ♥️👍🍒🌸 is the best…

    Liked by 1 person

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