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Women in Indian society…

Growing up I have never really understood certain things, why people are so invested in thoughts of others, or what others may say. Rather than doing things which make them happy, they prefer to do things which go by the rules of society. Who made these rules? Why a woman is to be blamed when she clearly is a victim? Why a son and a daughter are treated differently by their own parents? Why getting a divorce is a big NO? There are hundreds of questions for which no one can give a clear answer.

In this post, I wanted to rant about my views about the unfair society in which we live today.

I live in a society in which divorce is deemed unholy. No matter how miserable your marriage is, the people(society) expect you to accept and live life. Yes, these days married couples do get divorced but not without being judged. I don’t understand why a third person, who has nothing to do with their relationship have a say in it or give an opinion. It’s their personal matter, there is no reason for people to gossip and make it look like they are doing something immoral. The parents who wanted to support their child through his/her divorce are being forced to think about what the so-called society would think about it. I am not kidding, my friend’s sister has gone through this, her divorce has been the headline of the neighbor’s gossip forum, she had gone through her divorce with unwanted opinions and society’s judgmental views.

It’s an untold rule that an Indian woman shouldn’t wear a jean and top or any other dress but sarees and shalwars, my society decides what dress I should wear. If you’re not going to follow the rule, then you should be prepared to face people who might judge or criticize you for wearing a dress you like and feel comfortable, they ‘re going to stare at you as if you’re an alien from another planet, some lewd comments might be passed on as well, but if anyone to be blamed, it’s you. That’s how society works, you may be a survivor of abuse and molestation, but you’re going to be blamed and there will be constant conversations about girls dressing appropriately, it seems like a 3-month old baby girl or 70-year-old woman wasn’t dressed appropriately either.

Our society is full of hypocrites, we endlessly talk about women empowerment, equality, and respect but do we really mean them. Take our cinema industry, for instance, their portrayal of women is demeaning. As the years passed, the female leads don’t have much role in the films. Their roles are limited to a few scenes and a few dance steps on the glamourized song. Even movies on women’s empowerment don’t cast the women to play the main lead, they prefer a male lead. The cinema contributes greatly to how women are viewed in society, the people’s attitude and behavior towards women are affected by how they are portrayed in it. Cinema should bring change to society rather than re-instilling the disregarding ideals that still exist in society.

We are in the 21st century, the world has grown and changed a lot, it’s time we made changes in our society too. Celebrating a son’s birth over the daughter, restricting the rights of the daughter, and not challenging the choices of their son, parents are not fair. Growing up in her own house, the daughter faces deprivation.

Women and men are equal, they balance each other. It’s high time that people start to realize this. Stop discriminating against your girl child. She doesn’t stop being your daughter just because she got married. We don’t expect you to encourage us but don’t restrict our lives within the kitchen. We are not born for the sole reason of catering to the wishes and needs of the family. We do have dreams and aspirations in our life. Don’t hamper our lives in the name of keeping us safe. Instead of teaching your daughter to be safe, teach your son to respect women.

To all the women out there remember your gonna live your life only once, live for yourself not for appeasing others. It’s your life, you determine how you want it to be lived, society will never really recognize your accomplishment and achievement, but will blame your shortcomings. Do not waste your time by living a life dictated by society, which disregards your happiness.


  1. Agreed. At some point, you simply stop caring. I call it a glass shield that we gradually build around us. We simply observe and don’t really care to listen. Neither do we react.


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