Culture and Traditions

India is a society of Hypocrites…

India is a society of hypocrites. Few people might agree with me and a few may not. In this post let’s see why I have called our society is living hypocrisy.

We are ready to buy a handbag for Rs. 10,000 but fight with a street vendor for selling 1 kg tomato for Rs.30.

Not ready to spend Rs.100 for an entry fee to an art gallery but spend Rs. 300 to watch a movie in the theater.

Kissing in public is inappropriate while peeing in public is okay

Indian parents warn their daughters to stay away from strangers but get them married to a stranger.

Don’t have money to educate their daughter but enough to pay a dowry

Want their son to get a good job but with a good husband for their daughter

Support the son in love marriage but force the daughter to an arranged marriage.

Never stop their son from going out late at night with his gang friends(includes girls) but shouts at daughter for asking the same.

A girl shouldn’t have any past relationships before marriage but a boy with one or more past relationships is okay.

Worships goddess( female deity) but kill the female child

Worship a Cow but treat women(human) worse than animals.

Expect in-laws to treat their daughter as their own but not treat their daughter in law the same

We are against corruption but bribe police to escape a fine.

A man doing night-shift is hardworking, but a woman doing night-shift is characterless.

We talk about women empowerment but let the cinema industry to objectify women.

Shout at over-speeding bikes but four people riding a two-wheeler is okay.

Protest for ‘free to wear what we want’ but gossip and mock at the other person style of clothes.

I’m an Indian. I can say that proudly. I love my country. Many people might get offended by this post content, but it’s true. We must do something to change these things.

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