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15 Myths and misconceptions about India and Indians.

Hello guys, Here are the 15 biggest myths about India and Indians. In this post we are going to discuss about the common misconceptions that other country people might have about India.

For the people who haven’t visited India before, the books and media are the main source to know about the country. Some of the perceptions from books or media can be outdated or untrue. People who reads or learns about the country through these books and media believe it as it’s shown. That is the main reason for the misconceptions. So, read on to find out 15 common myths and misconceptions foreigners might have about India.

  • India is a Poor countryPoverty is one part of India; it doesn’t define the entire country.
  • India is a Hindu stateThere’s all kinds of people in India following different religions, not just Hindus.
  • India is too HotIndia has some of the most diverse weather. There are places like Himachal Pradesh , snowy and cold.
  • Indians are vegetariansNo, all Indians are not vegetarians. It’s probably much easier to find a vegetarian restaurant in India. You would be surprised with the number of non-veg lovers in India.
  • Indian’s national game is cricketIndia has no national game.
  • Indians don’t speak EnglishEnglish is one of the country’s official languages. Most of the Indians do speak in english. It’s the primary language used in school and colleges.
  • Everyone in India engages in yogaContrary to popular belief, not everyone in India engages in yoga.
  • The extent of Indian food is curryThere are many different types of curry-based dishes, but the Indian cuisine is much more than that. The cuisine is extremely diverse.
  • The Taj Mahal is the only tourist spotThe Taj Mahal is without a doubt the most recognizable landmark in India. However to state that a country with thousands of years of history which is responsible for wonderful temples, forts, and palaces, along with wonderful beaches and mountainous regions can not be summed up into a single tourist spot.
  • All Indian Food is spicy – No, not all Indian foods are spicy. There are some spicy food but not all Indian foods are spicy. There’s the South Indian curd rice, great example to prove not all Indian foods are spicy.
  • Everyone in India has Arranged marriageArranged marriages are still common in India but not all Indians has arranged marriage. People do date and has love marriages but not as common as in western countries.
  • There’s snake charmers everywhere.India is not overflowing with snake-charmers everywhere. In fact, when you see them, mostly in the state of Rajasthan, 
  • Indian women only wear saree and kurtasThere’s a wide range of clothing, depending on the culture of the area. Not every women is wearing a saree and Kurta,
  • Indian women do not work or study – Early Indian tradition held that women would become homemakers after marriage. Now that is not the case. Female literacy is at an all-time high and the scores of female students are generally higher than their male students. Indian women are found working as lawyers, journalists, doctors, and engineers. 
  • Indians reverence the cowsCows are holy as a part of Hindu religion, but it’s not like every people reverence them all the time. They are just treated as any other animal.

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